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What is counselling and psychotherapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms used to describe what are often referred to as 'Talking Therapies'. By talking to me in a safe and calm environment I hope to develop a trusting and therapeutic relationship with you.

Reflecting ‘out aloud’ about what is going on in your life today can help you to process experiences from your past and present. The mental clarity that this provides may enable you to acknowledge who you are today and look towards the future unencumbered by the weight of past experiences.

We are all aware of the importance of looking after our physical health and yet our mental health, which we often overlook, is just as important. I am passionate about helping people to recognise the importance of self-care and the primary focus of my practice is to provide the necessary support and encouragement for them to do this.

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What might the positive benefits of therapy be?

  • Reduced levels of distressing symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, stress and depression
  • The development of a deeper sense of self-awareness
  • An understanding of how events and relationships from your past may be influencing you today
  • An understanding of the choices available to you and the positive changes you can make
  • A reduction in negative emotions such as guilt, shame and anger
  • An increase in self-esteem and confidence
  • An improvement in your relationships
  • A greater feeling of control in your life
  • A greater sense of purpose and direction in your life

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    "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity." Albert Einstein

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